Cissy Ma

Someone We Both Know
Wants Us to Meet

Here Are 6 Ways We Can Start Working Together

  1. Ask me for an introduction to top Chinese/Australian businesses

  2. Partner together to find great businesses to buy

  3. Send me great businesses for sale/capital raise

  4. Need a top advisor for buy and sell sides

  5. Want to take part in, Asian Ladies Mentoring Circle or CPA committees

  6. Ask me to send you my best videos and articles

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Who is Cissy Ma?

  • Top Matchmaker for Australia-China Businesses

  • Corporate Executive Turned Entrepreneur

  • Top Mentor for Asian Women

  • Top Educator

  • International Speaker

  • Philanthropist 

  • SheEO Activator, Chair of CPA Committee, CPA Divisional Council

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Celebrity Friends

What Others Say

JT Foxx​

World's No. 1 Wealth and Business Coach

"She is one of the most persistent, precise, connected person I know"

Chloe Xu

Finance Manager at Valley Irrigation

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"From a pure work perspective, you will not get a harder working and more diligent worker than Cissy. She is very thorough and professional in everything she does. She accepts any challenge and you can rely on her to complete it to a very high standard - and importantly within the timeframe set."

@ North Queensland Bulk Ports
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"Cissy has a fantastic depth of commercial knowledge and strong networking skills. She is passionate and determined. I wouldn't hesitate to work with or for her in the future."

Manager Member Propositions - Analytics
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"She inspires me with her knowledge, persistence and hard work"

Principal Regulatory and Financial Analyst
@ Aurizon
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"Cissy is a finance expert who speaks many languages with a proven track record in engineering project management, HR etc."

Senior Manager Risk and Assurance
@ Queensland Rail
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"What particularly impresses me is her professional attitude, judgement, reliability and strategic insight."

@ Peter Gallagher Corporate Advisory
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"Cissy sets very high standards for her team and colleagues, and walks the talk. I was very impressed with Cissy's drive to close out actions, act on lead measures and her influence towards executive decisions. A highly effective and credible leader in a complex business."

Project Management Leader @ Honeywell
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"Her strong leadership skill and great working attitude as shown during the response to the Queensland Competition Authority draft decision were exceptional."

Lecturer in Finance
@ University of Queensland
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"She is one of the most persistent, precise, connected person I know."

@ JT Foxx Organisation
JT Foxx